At LFD, we envision a world where human intuition and intellect is augmented by artificial intelligence at every step of the business process, allowing futuristic companies to grow faster and more profitably.

Our Services

With our agile workforce, lean organization structure, and cutting-edge technology, our customers retain control of their data and use it to make quick, efficient, and sound decisions. Recognize the value of this data, we have put in place the smartest algorithms and machine learning capabilities to extract knowledge and insights from raw data and turn it into actionable information.

We collaborate closely with our clients as partners to guarantee a clear understanding of their business complexities, leading to customized solutions that help them stay ahead of the game.

Data Science Consulting

Our consultant works closely with clients and partners to engage in deep learning and understanding of the machinations of the business. We help build their analytical skills, and provide predictive solutions for business problems. Whether it is fraud detection and credit scoring for the banking industry, or demand forecasting for consumer goods, we have the right solution.

Data Auditing

With data at the heart of all that we do, it is crucial that we ensure its trustworthiness when working with customers. We run multiple standard checks on our clients’ data to make sure that we process the highest quality information and provide them with the best-in-class automated data tools.

Business intelligence services

Our dynamic and real-time dashboards make data easier for business analysts to view, understand, analyze, and draw conclusions from. Our team collaborates closely with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their business, market dynamics, data points, and output requirements in order to precisely develop a dashboard best-suited to their needs and objectives.

Data Strategy

In any data-driven company, managing the data supply chain is a top priority. Our world-class experts assist organisations in overcoming their most difficult data integration and data modelling challenges. Our automated metadata-driven development framework helps our clients get more out of their data, whether they work with structured or unstructured data, on-premise or in the cloud.

Data Architecture

In an era of big data, it is crucial to understand and control the data flows in an organization, enable analytics use cases, and avoid skyrocketing costs. We assist our clients in developing a data strategy, navigating enterprise requirements, and comprehending technology drivers.

Sales Forecasting

To provide sales leaders with highly accurate sales pipelines and projections, our data scientists examine every activity and contract to create forecasting models.

By incorporating historical data with factors such as promotional campaigns and holidays, the engine executes several built-in algorithms, identifies the best-fit model, and predicts the time series. These significant outcomes subsequently aid businesses in optimizing their future plans.

Credit Scoring

Our powerful AI-based credit scoring models reveal hidden links between variables not always visible in rule-based systems. Rather than looking at one variable at a time, our algorithms connect the dots to allow the entire dataset to tell its story.

Our customers can make smarter loan decisions at scale with the help of our strong AI technology, lowering risk and increasing profits.